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110 thoughts on “Leon bugüne kadar aynaya bahse girer

  1. LaterNerd

    Jesus dude shut up and let the clips play. Your snarky commentary ruins this.

  2. Shakim Bush

    Yo give this narrator a comedy special because he is an absolute riot!! Ha! he’s not taking it seriously, he’s just chillin’ out, sippin’ a margarita as he makes his cool little youtube video. You go boy, keep bein’ a FUCKIN’ idiot!!😁😁

  3. Changiz khan

    this video fool us all he i thought that glass was going to crush but not we are all fool peoples that see this video are all fool include me

  4. Jade Yang

    My dad: the glass at aquariums can’t break!
    Me (who’s thalassophic):

  5. Bruced Wildman

    Narrater has copyd americas funniest home videos to annoying perfection..

  6. YAHUAHS son & friend

    Always remember to repent of your sins (sin is transgression of YAHUAH’S LAW: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy) And Have Belief On YAHUSHA HAMASHYACH. HE Died and Rose three days later so that you can lbe forgiven of your sins!

    HE Loves you! Come to HIM!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  7. comet

    Someone: “tigers have eyes on their ears to scare predators”

  8. Pranav Mahajan

    Im going to block this channel to punish them. F***in clickbaits

  9. Franklin Diggs

    So tilted its not even funny.

    Gibbons are apes, not monkeys.

  10. The Unfiltered Truth

    you aint even show the one were the gorilla actually almost breaks through

  11. Marian Rodova

    Animals wont eat you if they still have food and they wont hurt you if you wont hurt them too
    They are like humans,they have lives too

  12. Dlo4dalow Cashin

    Being a lion in the zoo is probably like hell all that delicious food in front of you and your just stuck in an invisible cage

    1. blacknight88

      Lions are fed but they still see people as food. They always hungry

  13. Nexus

    What would you do if an animal broke through its cage at a zoo? I would love to hear your responses! I read all the comments

    1. Isaiah Musa

      sorry to be offtopic but does someone know a method to get back into an Instagram account?
      I somehow forgot my login password. I appreciate any tricks you can offer me.

  14. Ana María Prieto

    I think the title of this video can perfectly be changed to Dispair and desolation of kidnapped animals in the zoo

  15. Christopher Jackson

    I’m pretty sure I saw more than one shot from Deuce Bigalow

  16. yamac488

    Jesus Christ, this narrator is so damn cringey it’s unbelievable


    Almost not strong enough literally means the glass was strong enough

  18. Saoirse Kim

    5:13 this monkey is freaking out and the guys just ignoring him
    and thats making the monkey freak out more

  19. xStrxwBxrry_MiLk

    the sarcasam and just wording of the narrator just makes me cringe

  20. Cyborg Soldier

    Only the monkey and the polar bear figured out how to use a rock. May be dont put rocks in the enclosure.

  21. Jasmine marie

    Zoos are horrible with or without glass. Do u really think they enjoy being gawked at all the time

  22. Idiot

    They should put chains instead,won’t be as visible but still you can see them a little

  23. Conan the Destroyer

    The world needs to expand existing animal habitats on both land and in the oceans by 100x. Too much development of the land is taking away animal and natural habitats and too much fishing and netting is destroying and depleting the ocean. The human population has doubled since 1980s and it is continuing to grow out of control at a logarithmic rate. See the world population websites if you dont agree. Our planet has not grown to adjust to the human growth, so we as humans must learn how to balance our population and our dedicated land for Farming and living for humans, and habitats for animals. We must do this now before it is too late and the passage of time and human greed erases all animal and natural habitats. Most people are narrow minded and think we can just live together however man in most all scenarios destroy habitats so there is no living together side by side. Natural and animal habitats must be protected and increased in size or the only animals we will have left are on farms and zoos.

  24. Waikohu

    These animals are contained all their lives. Why wouldnt they lash out.

  25. Lena G.

    The poor animals. I wish the glass would break and the stupid people would be killed by the animals

  26. Kenneth Melo

    This is why you dont piss off nature, folks. Its smarter than you think.

  27. hutch

    Animals in their somewhat natural habitat. What natural animal habitats are comprised of 20 x 20 concrete and glass enclosures?

  28. Marxi Vach

    Is it just me or did these glass enclosures seem perfectly fine. None of these were even close to breaking

  29. Chris

    “look at this brave kid tempting fate”
    the one year old baby sitting in front of the glass: 😃

  30. mergingbutterfly

    Well I thought it was going to be by the whole bunch of times the glass was shattering or animals busting through the glass of something like really rubbing licking really

  31. xZed

    The first 36 seconds was so fkin retarded to listen to I couldn’t continue. “You go to the zoo to see animals. You can see through glass.” Fuk outta here

  32. mukhtar mustapha

    8:00 not only velociraptors and also indoraptors anyways thats scary

  33. Moo Moo

    “it’s only time before the glass weakens from all the brick rubbing”
    thirty years later: that honey badger is still rubbing that glass with that rock that some idiot gave him

  34. Hans Peter

    Close all zoos on earth, thats so sad . Stop hurt the animals fkin thrash humanity

  35. Michael Kirshner

    A minute and a half of intro to explain a self-explanatory title. Nice.

  36. Iqra Iman

    3:37 if the mom didn’t dress her baby like a freaking zebra maybe that wouldn’t have happened

  37. Ben M


  38. Walter Hartwell White

    April fools day prank idea : Zoos remove enclosure glass.

  39. Bima Premadi

    I wonder which one is dumber, the one who make the title of the video, or the one who left car door unlock in safari.

  40. 🕊malwa kaboter club🕊

    Is there a full video of tiger open car doar at the end of video

  41. Zac S

    15 times where the glass ALMOST turned into teenage mutant ninja turtles.

  42. CrystalDragon0311 *

    F U k zoos. They should be completely illegal. The people are the animals.

  43. BigIron .45

    Glass doesn’t get weaker. There is enough force to break it or their isn’t. Glass doesn’t “wear down.”

  44. Reverend Felix

    I love videos where people talk over every second and love their own voice.

  45. Charmxs Beanie

    5:26 Excuse me what?😂 thankfully the glass didnt break? Lmao ok

  46. Joel MacInnes

    15 times where had the glass not been there, and people continued looking in regardless, they wouldve all died

  47. Lil China

    These parents get to the Zoo and lose their minds putting their child in danger all for a darn picture.

  48. Hristo Stanoev

    I regret loosing 5minutes of my life watching this garbage

  49. xStrxwBxrry_MiLk

    honestly what were these humans expecting like if you bang on the glass and taunt the animals *from the wild* arent you expecting your kids to alomst get eaten

  50. TsaltSlinger

    Revelation 6:8 (KJV) And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

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