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107 thoughts on “Bc olympus site mirror giriş

  1. Patchess

    For some reason people think sentinels at the tomb are the same as royal guards and don’t realize these guys are honoring fallen comrades

  2. Shadow Six

    Sometimes I just wanna punch these people I mean, you wouldn’t like someone messing with you while you’re doing your job

  3. Rob_On_My_Nob03

    Its just general stupidity especially the couple respect the guard

  4. Denis Triton

    Блин, ребята, не позорьте нацию. Любопытство – не порок, но его нужно держать в узде.

  5. Mr. Klaus Heisler

    Tourists: Im so stupid, I insult the Queen, Queens Crown & Fallen Soldiers.
    Guard: Wanna died.
    Tourists: Scared & learned a Lesson.

  6. Kunta Kinte

    use their weapons?! as if they have one single bullet in their magazines 🙂

  7. Carl Dennis Howard Roberts

    As an ex Royal Anglian 2nd battalion I completely understand the ignorance of people that they they just dont see the sense that the people are putting their self in danger because they dont realise military training understand it they seem to behave in such an ignorant manner

  8. KillerKnight

    This is why u respect every body and dont play around guards love u guys 🙂

  9. Piggy Merritt

    I am very confused as to why (some) tourists would do such a thing. They are HIGHLY trained soldiers, serving their country and we have tourists do that to them. That Disgust me so much. You dont go to other peoples country and MOCK their soldiers. That is not only disrespecting the country but also being rude to the soldier. Im glad they got shouted at. These people need to learn a thing or two about being a grown ass adult. Smh

  10. Ineyo Ambessa

    The British guards walk like they are trying to keep a crease from forming

  11. Neil Hamill

    No I wouldnt ever visit Windsor castle and the guards. But if by some chance I ever did. I would NEVER be rude and disrespectful to any of them. Thats one thing I know for sure.

  12. Subhojit Mondal

    I literally peed on one of the royal guards
    And this guy is spreading bullshit here

  13. Giovanni Antonio

    The way the British soldiers walk and act is so fucking goofy. They are literally NPCs.

    1. Giovanni Antonio

      @Nash Raven Yumul watch me continue to laugh at them and remain unshot.

    2. Nash Raven Yumul

      walking and acting the way they told to be are funny?…hope some people can still laugh when they get shot for just being disrespectful

  14. Yishay 666

    imagine being highly trained and then all your job is to be attraction for tourists

  15. Iven Krusteva

    5:20 Jack the ripper right there defending the royal guards bahaahaha

  16. Jeremy Stanley

    The queens guard can kiss my crown jewels, with stupid Harry Potter lookin outfits.

  17. CamcraftGamez

    Camera man: *zooms in to guard*
    Solider: *mouth twitches and trys not to smile*

    Chief: wanna a 250 dollar fine?

  18. Jim J

    Many years ago, we visited the tomb, when some jerk did the same thing. The guard didnt think it was funny.

  19. Dav Bing

    Thought this was about the tomb of the unknown soldier? Title needs work…

  20. Max Mueller

    Disheartening to see the lack of respect for the militaries around the world. Really hurts seeing it in America

  21. Lunartreat

    Ignorance at its finest hahha , these tourist dont know what theyre dojng

  22. AL C

    I wish they were allowed to fire a warning shot. I would like to attend their class on how to not lose their shit.

  23. Bill

    California Army Guard here. People are so dam disrespectful ! Pisses me off..

  24. chesterbesterfeild

    You blatent liar. He did not aim his gun at them it was clearly at the ground. And he threatened them with a sword! I didnt realise holding it at the shoulder in marching position was threatening

  25. Jacky Berlemont

    Respect to all the young soldiers who can be proud of their uniform and traditions

  26. Max Mueller

    These guards should be able to release the projectile from their smoke pole

    1. mark9531

      And get blood all over that pristine white marble? Not a chance.

  27. Clint Cook

    I still think these “elite soldiers” would be the first to die in a home invasion 😂

    1. Arv

      They have their military gear with them, this is a real british army batallion, you think that red uniform is the only thing they got?

  28. Max Mueller

    If you make physical contact with them they can and will mess you up.

  29. captain howdy

    Entitled spoiled brats and tourists….leave them alone, they job is hard enough

  30. Integrity Rental Properties

    0:43 – Load his rifle? I don’t think these rifles are functional. They’re ceremonial.

  31. Coley Hinnant

    Spoiled generation that doesn’t understand the price of freedom.

  32. Sanliya George

    Ok, this is frustrating for me to even watch. Do these people not have common sense? How in the fucking world are they still alive with that idiotic brain of theirs?

  33. Dexter cochran

    No judge should even agree to hear a case against these guards if someone gets shot/stabbed over people like this. People like this deserve everything that happens to them and no one should show them any sympathy.

  34. Nancy Newman

    Some things deserve respect and are sacred rituals I believe many are just stupid

  35. Mike F

    Someone needs to tell that couple at 5:02 to STOP MAKING JEWS LOOK BAD!!

  36. Edward Martinez

    Oh the russian tourists… Giggles is pretty much universal but in the translation of what i can gather since i know nothing of russian language is that they giggle in planning something they shouldnt do… Much like how you see free gold and the sign says do NOT take … Yeah bad move on them lol

  37. The Free State

    I will admit that the Queens Guards look ridiculous and are kind of difficult to take seriously. That said, they should be treated with the same level of RESPECT that you would treat a soldier in your own country! They may not look it, but they are highly trained!

  38. William Yeater

    The thumb nail isnt even in the video and the video title implies an individual tried to mess with the guard. Your video is trash so your channel must be too

  39. Vicki Lapato

    Why are people so childish and disrespectful of such honorable and ancient traditions. I say shoot them.

  40. Maximas Romulus

    If someone disrespects those who strive to uphold the honor of those who came before. By protecting the safety and traditions of a person or place. To inspire others to do so as well. They are obviously someone who is not respected or welcomed anywhere.

  41. Ozak

    Tomb guards are as close as a human can physically get to being an npc in a game

  42. Jordan Behm

    The queens guards just look ridiculous like “please make fun of me”
    The Guards of the unknown soldier tomb don’t fuck around

    1. Nash Raven Yumul

      theyre both equally robust and both equally need to be respected no matter the looks

  43. ChS Nu

    The Jewish folks mustve been so embarassed!! The painful walk of shame!

  44. Ricardo Furtado

    Shoot one or two once in a while. Itll serve as an example for others.

  45. DefyYourLogic

    The bayonet at the end of their rifle should be used for these types

  46. Angle Shop

    The soldiers also human being same like us nothing special. Why ppl saw them like they from other planet 😆


    why people cant respect some simple things they are soldiers following and respecting their orders and they are human beings not some toys to play with please show some dignity.

    1. mark9531

      Good evening Anton. You said; Its only requested so is it against the law?

      The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier sits squarely in the middle of a US Army Base, Fort Myer. IF a guest were to become particularly disruptive, it is the option of the Tomb Guard to have the guest escorted off the Tomb Plaza.

      However, fortunately, that has never been necessary.
      Actually, there are laws written in the Federal Registry about misconduct at the TUS. However, no one has ever come close to breaking those laws.

      On a military base a request is obligatory

  48. RamiCrafy

    I only watched 3 of these kind of videos and its already a category on my YouTube recommended

  49. Vhynz Joseff Garcia

    Imagine being the unknown soldier watching people constantly guard your grave

  50. Hanon

    If theres a place like that in indonesia, the officer gonna get sue if they warning visitor with screaming or pointing theyre gun to a rebel visitor.
    lol so funny right?

  51. M FC

    Why are people so stupid?, just be damn respectful, even if you dont agree with it, keep distance, stay away.
    Also, if they shoot your dumbass, you deserved it, dont mess with armed people, specially this people that are there for a reason,youll be the one looking stupid in the news, not them.

  52. John Mclean

    Why do people think they are entitled to step over the chains and barriers?

  53. Güzel Ataroach

    i would have stabbed with the bayonet if somone disrespected me as a royal guard

  54. GabbGamerZYt

    He said: royal soldiers are the most highest trained soldiers in the world me: Ay thought USA

  55. Ao Nishimura

    so the guards are there to protec the Queen and the police are there to guard the guard

  56. Ninoska Jassundry Silva Lagrange

    My dad is a royal gaurd and he kets me pass

  57. Warsaw Jadore

    it is hard to be soldier and give a life to defend such … i dont know is it people or animals?

  58. Ols A

    Chambering a round over a grave tells us that this military bullshit is way put of control

  59. No Name

    Parliament should pass a law that bans all citizens and visitors from harassing the guards. They are just doing their job and more respect should be given.

  60. Florent Antoni

    i ve heard somewhere that when those Queen guards marches on, they are in fact under the direct orders from the Crown and will not be slowed down for any reasons. move out of the way or get shoved aside.

  61. Benjamin Elsbury

    They should have the freedom to kill without recourse., steps for justified killing, warning , point, then impale or shoot.

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