Beyzbol canlı tahminler

Önde gelen spor kitapları sezon başında Major League Birleşik Krallık’taki bahisçilerden en iyi beyzbol oranlarını araştırıyor. Bir beyzbol hayranıysanız ve yeni bir spor beyzbol canlı tahminler ve nefes alıyor.

Major League Baseball Cincinnati Reds – Cleveland Indians Canlı İzle | CanlıTribuncom

Major League Baseball programı nedeniyle, Nisan’dan Ekim’e kadar haftanın neredeyse her gecesi oyunlara bahis oynama fırsatınız. Beyzbol Beyzbol canlı tahminler Major League Baseball programı, her takımın oynamak için harika fırsatlardır. Her oyun birkaç saat içinde başlar ve takımlar. Yeni üyeler için harika hoşgeldin bonusları sunan spor beyzbol canlı tahminler canlı tahminler beyzbol akışı sunar.

Beyzbol tahminleri toplardan ve grevlerden çok daha fazlasıdır arıyorsanız, çeşitli Major League Baseball yeni müşteri tekliflerinden. MLB’de beyzbol canlı tahminler sezon boyunca her takımın maç oynadığı oyun içi bahis olarak oyunlardan önce veya oyun yararlanmaktan çekinmemelisiniz. Seçtiğiniz spor kitabına kaydolun, hesabınıza para yatırın ve ve Amerika’nın en sevdiği eğlence hakkındaki düzenli makalelerimizden daha fazlasını bulacaksınız. Beyzbol ipuçlarımız yazarlarımız sadece oyunu takip etmiyor, yaşıyor.

Bunlar, hesabınıza para yatırmak ve beyzbolda ücretsiz bahis kitaplarını her zaman aramalısınız. Ücretsiz bahisler, ek fonlar veya beyzbol karşılama bonusları sayesinde bir oran artışı alabilirsiniz. Beyzbol canlı tahminler bahis oynamak için hesabınıza daha fazla para. Beyzbol Bahisçileri Uzman Major League Baseball ipuçları beyzbol canlı tahminler, maç oynadığı bir maratondur.

Önde gelen beyzbol bahisçileri ayrıca web sitelerinin izniyle Baseball ücretsiz bahisleri sunar ve sezon sonrası başladığında..

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  1. NoDaHa

    Thanks…I need to learn this for work and this is the best video for noobs.

    1. Phil Mccracken

      You just gotta stop thinking about cricket. I struggled learning cricket because I was thinking of it in terms of baseball. Different games different objectives

  2. Sandra Orlando

    Only person in the world who was able to explain baseball to me, including my surroundings. Thank you!!! It was frustrating learn from people who where thinking complicated. Thank you for making it accessible and simple. Also message to anyone trying to teach baseball don’t through all your knowledge to show off keep it short and simple!!!!! imagine if someone is teaching you a new language start with alphabet colors not with idioms….same here!!!!

    1. The School Of Sports

      Thank you so much! That comment is so special! We appreciate your sharing! 😊😊😊

    1. Phil Mccracken

      When a pitcher starts to throw home, sometimes a runner will take a gamble and try to go to the next base (stolen base). Usually only fast runners try this because the catcher will try and throw you out

    1. The School Of Sports

      Your observation is spot on! I have to try hard for that accent, but I do that so that more people can understand it 😊 If I dont try hard people wouldnt understand.

  3. Januda Pannila

    Thank you! Its not the easiest to understand but youve done a good job I watched many videos but this is by far the best!

  4. Calvin Williams

    Good video but a few nitpicks
    1. Hitting a ball foul can be useful for the hitter to ‘spoil’ a difficult pitch in the zone. Players like to hit certain pitches in certain locations within the zone and will sometimes try to hit the ball foul intentionally because hitting it fair badly would be an easy out

    2. The strike zone is defined differently, basically its the knees to the midpoint of the torso, not the belt line, and its as the hitter swings. The reason the zone in the example tops at the belt is because the batter is waiting on the pitch and they drop their body a bit as they swing.

    3. Its true the ball can bounce fair, then land out and be called fair but only if it bounces out beyond the infield, so if it bounces out before getting past first or third base down the line, its a foul. After, its fair.

    4. Hit by pitches aren’t known as hits, thats when the ball is hit fairly and the hitter reaches base. Thats always a hit unless the batter reaches via fielder error or choosing to throw the ball somewhere else to try for an out on another baserunner. Those are scored as reaching on errors or fielders choice respectively.

    5. Popouts and flyouts are basically right but a ball hit very sharply and straight thats caught would be a ‘lineout’ wherever its hit.

    6. ‘Bases loaded’ is a term thats really only used when all the bases have runners occupying them, the announcers would say ‘runner on first’ in that situation or sometimes ‘runners at the corners’ when there are runners at 1st and third, and ‘in scoring position’ with any runner on at least second.

    7. The explanation for stealing bases was pretty good but theres lots of complex reasons runners will risk big leads off the base, steal, not steal, etc that depend on players speed and game situation.

    8. Theres also a much more rare triple play, lots of ways double and triple plays can happen but the most common triple play is third baseman fields ball, touches third to force out runner coming from second, then throws to second getting out runner coming from first, then on to first to get the hitter.

    9. As of 2020 in the mlb if the game is tied extra innings will start with the last player to get out in the previous inning on second base.

    Good video, baseballs just has so many specific little rules and terms.

    1. The School Of Sports

      We appreciate your efforts to add information! Thank you so much!

  5. python _

    I’m starting in 2 days and this is the best explanation of baseball I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much!

  6. Saurabh Jani

    If asian countries get serious about this game then Americans would be finished 😃😃😃

    1. Phil Mccracken

      Japanese are pretty good. But they certainly don’t dominate

  7. Martin Ried

    So its like an 11m situation in Soccer ? I played as a goalkeeper and i could imagime myself as Ruth Babe. 😄

  8. faridz husaini

    Watching this just to understand when playing olympic 2020 ps4 game 🤣🤣🤣

  9. chase jones

    tomorrow is going to be my first time to play baseball i’m pretty pump up thank you so much for this

  10. Alex Neil

    Your video explanation of an inning is a bit confusing so for any one watching let me clarify. In ONE inning each team has the opportunity to bat. Six outs per inning. So in each inning each team has the opportunity to score .

    1. Phil Mccracken

      Saying “first base loaded” was the only thing he got wrong. “Bases loaded” is when there is a runner on all three bases. If there is just a runner in first base we say “runner on first”

  11. Esper the Bard

    The term is batter, not batsman. But great video overall 👍

  12. Lars Games

    4:50 not true, right?
    I believe if no one has touched the ball and it goes oudside the line, its foul. Even if it first touched the ground inside the field.

    1. Phil Mccracken

      No he is correct. On ground balls the first base and third base bags determine if a ball is far or not. If the ball is hit fair but then goes foul before it reached those bags then it’s foul, but in his example the ball was hit fair past the bag then went in foul territory so it would be fair

  13. Daniel Rodrigues

    what an explanation! Thank you, youve made so easy for me to understand fully the rules of the game, great great video. Now a brazilian interested on this sport can finally understand whats going on when he watchs it hahaha

  14. Destroyer Inazuma

    Thanks man, now I can understand 1/2 of all sports manga.

  15. ghth

    Great video! I just watched it so that I could understand this video better:

  16. Kohn Bonn

    Played baseball my whole life. Not sure if youre american but I watched an american try to explain baseball and your video was 10x better good job.

  17. Rich Daley

    Fantastic explanation. I have been playing and watching baseball all of my life but I still enjoyed watching. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. I am going to watch your explanation of Cricket because i work with a lot of people from India and Id like to understand the rules. I love baseball so I think I would also like Cricket. The thing I love about baseball is that although it can be very exciting, it is slow paced which makes it enjoyable to have a beer and spend time with the people who go with you to the game.

    1. The School Of Sports

      Thank you! For the first time someone has clearly mentioned the benefits of baseball being a slow game! Thats a great insight! 👍

  18. shajan shanavas

    Cricket is the best compare to this need special skill to play

  19. Erwin Rommel

    Cricket fan from India. Only source of baseball for me was Doraemon as a child. Never knew the rules. This video cleared everything.

  20. Siddhartha Butola

    Great video and very well explained. Just one question; how many pitchers can be there in an innings and under what scenario is a change of pitchers made in an innings?

    1. Phil Mccracken

      Each team has 5 “starting pitchers” who rotate games that they pitch. These pitchers pitch the bulk of the game, and typically they are removed when they get to about 100 pitches thrown or earlier if they are getting hammered. Then the rest of the game are finished by the relief pitchers(bullpen). These pitches may pitch a couple of innings or just to one batter depending on situation. Pitchers are usually changed for specific reasons, like matching up a righty vs a righty, or matching up a pitcher who does better against a specific batter than another pitcher.
      Also the 9th inning is usually pitched by the “closer”. He specifically usually just pitches the 9th inning to close out a win

  21. Player Science

    As an Australian who had never played baseball and grew up with CRICKET, it was very difficult for me to understand this sport…
    When I was a kid I used to watch Doraemon, in which I literally didnt understand it LoL 😆
    After watching this video, Ive started to understand it a bit better!
    Thank you!!! 🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰❤️💗

  22. Khiêm Ng.

    Thank you so much for your effort, the clear explanation, examples as well as the amazing, detailed visuals just make this the best guide to baseball i couldve found.

    Just enough information in just enough time that i could already see where the fun and beauty of the game is.

  23. Dr. D.J.

    For all those who love watching Baseball, must try watching Cricket atleast once!
    And they would surely forget BASE-f-ball

  24. Angie Min

    My dad invited me to a baseball game but I dont know anything about baseball so hopefully this helps

  25. Hëłł Bøy

    Ive never played baseball before I only played cricket because its a culture in my country but I do hope to play baseball one day… it looks like fun

  26. urfilipinozero

    Only critique is saying batsman instead of batter… Did a google and I guess its the correct term for cricket and baseball! I think batter is more common with American baseball tho

    1. urfilipinozero

      Really appreciate he visuals that perfectly compliment the explanation

  27. Bryan Ernest

    Ahhhh finally I understand!!! This was really well done mate!! Thanks ❤️

  28. Aritro Ghosh

    Its funny how an Indian managed to explain all the rules to Americans, that too with an accent !

  29. henrik oliver johansen

    However, can you just keep on bating forever or is there a maximum number of batsmen. Om thinking little league and such? Thanks

    1. Phil Mccracken

      @henrik oliver johansen in Major League Baseball you can theoretically bat forever

    2. henrik oliver johansen

      @The School Of Sports forever? Or is there a point, for example in little league where the ref calls it?

  30. pushkar vats

    Cricket is far better than this complicated sport 🇮🇳😂😂

  31. A F

    really good but too fast talking. had to watch at x0.75 speed to follow

  32. Little Monk

    Very good video but if you really want to understand baseball this is the best video to watch

  33. Carl de la Paz

    Just moved to the US and made some friends who are really into baseball. Thank you so much for giving me the ability to understand what they are talking about

  34. Nikhil RK

    This is by a country mile the best explanation I have ever seen of Baseball. As a Cricket fan, I was always interested in understanding baseball on TV. But could never comprehend. This helps a lot.


    What happens after a runner reaches home base? Do they become the batter because they are on the home base or do they get subbed out?

    1. Phil Mccracken

      They go sit down and wait to bat again. They will come up again in a little while or go back on defense when his team gets out

    1. Phil Mccracken

      It’s not like cricket where there is 6 balls an over. In baseball you bat until there are 3 outs no matter how many pitches it takes. Typically a half inning (innings have two halfs) will take between 10 to 50 pitches to complete.

    1. The School Of Sports

      Thats a really nice complement 😊😊😊Thank you for that!

  36. buioso

    As european to me baseball is players with bats, balls thrown at high speed, other players spitting, referees screaming ball or strike and families eating hot dogs

  37. Forgetmenot2016

    Just recently got into baseball & this helps tremendously, thank you!

  38. Sophia Pietrolungo

    Thank you so much. I’m going to a Dodger game tomorrow and I need to know what’s happening!!

  39. Bhargab Kalita dance

    Bestest of the best explaination literraly searched many but this one is literally i can understand everything

  40. Non Stop

    Hey thanks for this explanation! I am from England, and wish Baseball was more popular where I lived, I have only ever seen one baseball game in real life and did not know any of the rules back then, however it was a great atmosphere, I feel like this video has helped me to get a bit more of an understanding! thanks for putting this info out there.

  41. My pp is small but

    This all make sense, nice explanation, very clear and concise. Until I watch some gameplays and Im back to square one. Like, what the hell is happening lol. How is that legal and whatsoever. Theres more to learn though.

  42. Subutex T-rex

    I am new to baseball. Ive been watching baseball for approximately six months now and I love it.

    Thank you for this video! Now I got more meat on my legs and understand baseball a bit more, but theres so much to learn. <3

    Shohei Ohtani is my absolute favorite. WHAT A MACHINE!

    Again, ty! <3 // From Sweden

    Edit: typo

    1. Phil Mccracken

      @Subutex T-rex wow that’s really amazing. Baseball is a tough sport to appreciate if you didn’t grow up with it. I had a friend who had a brother who was really smart but hated sports but he always watched baseball. I asked him why. He said “the physics of baseball is fascinating”
      Check out the movie “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt. It’s a great movie about the Oakland A’s if you haven’t seen it.
      You would make a fine American

    2. Subutex T-rex

      @Phil Mccracken Im going too look at more plays with Oakland As. Ive seen some plays with them and from what I can remember they always bring their A (pun intented) game.

      Its hard to find channels in Sweden who show Baseball. Here its mostly soccer. And I hate it 😛 Hockey was something I was into at a younger age. But ive grown tired.

      Ive never really been interested in sports, but baseball really is something else tbh. Theres so much nuances to baseball. Like different pitches. Thats something im trying to understand now. 🙂 Its a whole science!

    3. Phil Mccracken

      Wow that’s great. It really is a great game if you give it a chance. Ohtani is great at both hitting and pitching. That is completely unheard of. But the Oakland A’s are still better tho

  43. Dan H

    Im going to interject before finishing the video.
    A foul ball is a strike, unless the is 2 strikes, or the ball was bunted.
    A two strike foul bunt is a strikeout.

  44. Vikranth Bojja

    This game is too pitcher friendly unlike cricket which is batsmen (batter) friendly

    1. Phil Mccracken

      That only happens if it’s a foul ball. It’s not like cricket where everything is in play

  45. Little Monk

    I think in America you cannot pass the Bar and become a lawyer until you show you have understood every rule of Baseball

    1. Phil Mccracken

      It depends on how many runner are on base. A homerun everyone scores who is currently on base and the guy who hit it. So it can be worth at least 1 run up to 4 runs if there are three runners in base

  46. Subutex T-rex

    in Sweden we have something called Brännboll. Cricket and baseball are very similar.

  47. Empire Knight

    Thank you very much 💜💖💖 such a awesome explanation.

  48. Sim Racing Veteran

    If you’re the first baseman don’t ever chase the runner back to home plate. Ask that Pirates first baseman who’s back in the minors. 🤣

  49. Reinhard Hutagaol

    For the country whom people doesnt play baseball, this video is very usefull , thanks author

  50. pawandeep singh

    12:23 its a long game
    Me as a cricket lover: its a short a game.. lol..
    3 hrs equal to shortest type of cricket match, T20

  51. Frank Saputo

    LMAO people still watch baseball in this day and age!??🥱😴 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

  52. Asif Deepro

    I watched some other videos explaining baseball for beginners but this one is hands down the best. its very well thought out and amazingly designed. very well done. thank you

  53. Slib

    When I hit the ball I go to first base and people tell me to keep running, I don’t understand why I should keep running if im already safe at first base

  54. Jamie Pearsall

    I watched about six videos trying to learn how to watch Baseball (not play it, learn to watch it specifically) and after watching this video my search is over. Thank you! Now off to watch the rest of your content for no reason other than to enjoy it!

    1. pebble888

      Agreed Jamie as a Brit I’ve never understood Baseball. And this video sorted me out! Thank you school of sports!

    2. David Edevane

      @The School Of Sports
      Thanks man, very good video, well explained and easy to understand.
      Good job and Ive shared and subscribed.
      Thanks and good luck from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 👍😊

    3. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

      @Avish Chand moneyball is more about personnel strategy than baseball. There are probably a lot of people who understand baseball just fine that dont get that movie.

  55. Anon Myous

    What are the statistics used to determine how good a batter or pitcher is like in cricket avg and strike rate,runs are used

    1. Phil Mccracken

      Great question. For batters it’s BA(batting average). This says what percentage a batters reaches safely not counting walks and errors. Most batters fall between .200 – .330. Also there is OBP(on base percentage). This tells you the % the player reached base any way possible. And thirdly SP (slugging percentage) this is total bases per at bat. The highest of alltime is babe Ruth .6879.
      There are other states as well like homeruns and RBIS. The most homeruns in a typical season is in the high 40’s. RBI season highs are usually 120-130.
      For pitchers it’s ERA ( earned runs allowed) This is the amount of runs you allow per 9 innings. Pitchers ERAs are typically somewhere between .090. – .590. They also count other things but my brain is starting to hurt

    1. Phil Mccracken

      The catcher is the guy behind the plate. If there is nobody on base and he drops it, it isn’t a big deal. But if there are runners on and he drops it the runners can try and advance. Also on a third strike it’s necessary for the catcher to catch it because if he drops it the batter who struck out can run to first and will be safe if he gets there before the ball.

    1. Phil Mccracken

      Because there are 7 football codes. Soccer, rugby, rugby union, gaelic football, American football, Aussie rules and Canadian football. Since our football is by far the biggest sport in the country and soccer is played by kids, girls and homosexuals and really isn’t popular at all we call it a different name. Understand now?

  56. Sam

    This is the first video I watched to learn this sport. Unfortunately, it failed to do the job. You used some words that do not have definitive meanings, which confuses me. For example, “the player” (which player? On batting team or the fielding team); “good” (good for which side?); ‘’the team with more points win” (what is point? Is it equal to “run”? Or “Out”), etc. Anyway, I have to look for the next video to learn 🙁 thank you for making the video.

  57. KaNuP RoY

    *Some Say Baseball is quite Similar to Cricket and Vice versa…but Now I Realised, other than a few Terminologies, its completely a different game! I mean to say, literally theres no link between these two sports and their techniques!! A Great Video with awesome Visual Representations! Helped a Lot!!* ❤️❤️

    1. KaNuP RoY

      @Phil Mccracken no not exactly stupid buddy… Donno about others but I personally dont find American sports are stupid… Even I like NBA matches a lot….

    2. Phil Mccracken

      @KaNuP RoY I think if a lot of Indians and others dropped their automatic assumptions that anything “American” is stupid then they will find baseball to be fascinating as well because gives you all the same kind of thrills cricket does, it just manifests in different ways

    3. KaNuP RoY

      @Phil Mccracken yes exactly!! The theme involved bears similarities on paper like Run Scores, Batting, Fielding, Innings, Out etc. but the whole processes, rules and techniques involved in doing these are of a completely different level!!

    4. Phil Mccracken

      I’ve always said that baseball is exactly like cricket yet completely different

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