Maraton bahisçi girişi

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Iª MEDIA MARATON DE PETÍN :Delegación de Atletismo de Valdeorras

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Ruta :Delegacion de Atletismo de Pontevedra

Piyasadaki en iyi bu iki hususu gerektiği gibi korur ve uygularken, maalesef bu konularda maraton bahisçi girişi sporu son yıllarda insanların ilgisini daha mevcuttur.

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109 thoughts on “Maraton bahisçi girişi

  1. Giles G

    Guys, come on, you chickened out, the Giau is the best bit, well the descent anyway, the climb is just damn hard. Where you turned off for the SHORT route, well that just lead on to a fabulous descent to the foot of the Giau. I rode the event last Sunday though never saw you, Im sure that I would have said hi if I had & yes the Mur du Giat was a killer at the end wasnt it, the sting in the tail for sure.

  2. Salvita 0251

    7:36 Did Dan just participate under the name of Bradley Wiggins at the kids race? 🤣

  3. Jochen Hinrichs-Stöldt

    Great video of a very spectecular event. Do you plan to cover the next London Edingburg London as well?

  4. Andrew Hawley

    I am looking for a new backpack for commuting and race day (video idea?), what the pack did Matt have when they went for the physical?

  5. Dom 7

    So a Great Video !
    You can feel the Energy of this Event .
    So Many Crazy People i Love it more of this Style of Video !!!!!

  6. Global Cycling Network

    Let us know what you think of Dan & Matt at the Maratona 👇

    1. Morten Reesen Jam

      The moment right after 7:35, it seems like Dan incidentally was being mistaken with somebody called
      Bradley Wigginsen (whoever that might be).
      Cadeau to Dan, for the excellent sunglass timing if this really was the case 😀

    2. Petinka

      That is always great see Dam and Matt together! Two great riders with sense of humour.

    3. Carlos Vieira

      Global Cycling Network guys u should do a video showing how was your preparation in terms of training and food and how was the nutrition during the event.

    4. nick w

      I managed the long route in just under 9 hours, brilliant after the first big descent had the wheels a little wobbly with to much braking so kept off them a bit more, then just done the dunwich dynamo the following weekend and yesterday managed a stately 30Km in six hours escorting some disabled carriage drivers on the road. Have to say best eight days cycling anyone could do

  7. Jeremy Sweeten

    Great video! And while I understand the health check, how is that extensive exam sustainable? Lines? Fees? I like the US sign-your-life-away-waiver system.

  8. Alexandra Martinez

    I live in Italy and its my dream to ride this maratona. thank you for the video 💙🐨🐨💙

  9. Whitney Reynolds

    Its because of GCN I found out about the Maratona! What a fun video! I just put the Maratona on my bucket list now. Cheers from Utah!

  10. Mirta

    Soprattutto qui, il massimo e anche di parlata tra due che non vanno, voglio vederti lì, cosa centri e non ti piace, non da vista di nulla, solo montagne e poco più, di esperienza, sempre così la penso,nulla di diverso e fai meglio a stare a casa, almeno, parlo per me è solo per me, tutto di massima passione, ottimo e chi pratica fa benissimo a non mancare

  11. OnzaRob

    The best part of this video, two former pros showing the joy of riding your bike is more important than being at the pointy end of the race! Chapeau!

  12. James Morey

    Got an appointment in an hour. Thats ok matt youll only have to average 108 km/hr to make it

  13. Peter Jahans

    Great video. Brought back fond memories of the Maratona. Did you guys actually miss the cut-off time at Passo Giau or just wimp out? 🙂

  14. lee a dorney

    Great to see the lads in good condition on the ride… Matt looked like his old self 👌

  15. John Doe

    Noob question but why no cycling gloves? I can hardly stand cycling to the shops on drop bars without them.

  16. Robb Chastain

    Itd be better if Dan and Matt rode the course with GCN capes flappin in the breeze. They really should stand out in a crowd.

  17. Derek Kuhl

    Really great stuff guys! This is one of your best. You should do more sportiv videos, so much fun.

    All of you have such great chemistry, your videos are so fun to watch. I am thankful you have so many videos, I can binge watch you for weeks. 👍👍👍

  18. Joachim Stadel

    Good stuff. I love these climbs although I havent taken part in this ride (yet). However, you guys should look at the Alpenbrevet (platinum) in Switzerland too.

  19. Joshua Watson

    Dan, is 69 your age ? Thats what it said on your race number !

  20. Wesley Alth

    I know a kid who rides a small road bike. Who would destroy those kids But he is a great training partner since he has a odometer

  21. James Lawler

    Bit gutted when I rode it. They sent me off after about 2000 out of shape fat people and I had to spend the first 40 miles weaving through them.  Otherwise, good event.

  22. MarkOne

    Does anyone know where to watch the tour online? Tiz-cycling has died, and steep hill is dire in Asia. #gutted

  23. M W

    Great video chaps. Loved the bikes, the scenery and the GCN banter. Dan was also beaten by the kids ;-p

  24. Dan Woodman

    Great video – the footage of the event and your narration was really well done. Im surprised tho that it was such an effort for you? Still, its nice to think that the GCN team are suffering like the rest of us on these big hills. cheers,

  25. Michael McDermott

    This is a strong contender for my favourite ever GCN video. I honestly cant think of anything to top it. From any channel.

  26. agnesrosalinde

    What about your collegae behind the camera. I thought he was training for the Maratona?

    1. Global Cycling Network

      +agnesrosalinde hi, no John is riding the Haute Route. Thanks, Jon

  27. Dan Bates

    The guy in the suit clearly didnt watch your what not to wear video haha

  28. Jacopo Perugini

    did you can make a video about historic cycling competition like LEroirca?
    thank you!

  29. Jeff Davis

    Just wondering I rode the Maratona in 2007 but there was no medical or physical required. Is this something that has been added since the time I rode it? There was a medical statement I had to fill out and sign with the entry package as I remember but nothing once I arrived and picked up my packet/number. Great event to put on ones cycling bucket list!

  30. timtimzi

    Id love to do this ride one day….. its awesome that gcn had motorbike access to record this event as well

  31. nick w

    I forgot to ask just who was the very attractive young lady in the full astana kit being pushed up the climbs clearly the local italians were not happy as the guy in black had his hand on the ladies saddle pushing her up the climb !

  32. Joachim Stadel

    oh and I forgot to mention that the Swiss only require money as opposed to a medical…

  33. myles taylor

    the last climb was a lot harder than it looks, the high altitude affects you up there, it did for me anyway.

  34. theonlytruefalcon

    Matt shared his average power of 200 watts; Dan didnt share?? What was his?? 😉

  35. Douglas Dick

    I never knew any of the stuff existed until I tuned in, thank you for your humble beginnings that turned into this! Amazing!

  36. Sionnach1601

    Italys beautiful and the scenery is stunning. But boy, it always looks so damn cold for its sportives.
    And living in Ireland, I am so sick and tired of cycling in the cold! I think Id do the Pyrenean Haute or the Alps one instead. Looks a lot warmer!! Well done to the lads though. Great show!!

  37. Martin Smith

    When I did the maratona there really were loads of motors and old Italian guys laughing, pointing at their bikes yelling moto, moto, brrrm, brrrm and cruising up the mountains. Good on them I say.


    Too bad, you had bad luck with the weather. Or was it fine, familiar to riding on home roads? 😉

  39. Alan Parsons

    Any particular reason why neither of you used your disc brake bikes??

  40. Paul Verweij

    I did the 140k 1,5 year ago… was damn hard but I enjoyed it a lot 🙂 weather wasnt to good in late september 🙁 2degrees on the last to colls with rain/wettsnow
    7hr20min ride with long stop on top of the giau to shelter for some hail and a warm thee 🙂
    I rode it on my own with vactation there

  41. David Seltzer

    That looks like an awesome ride! The Maratona is now officially on my cycling bucket list!

  42. ishyr

    Great video!! Enjoyed watching the GCN boys ride in the big sportive so. The classic one liners on hidden motors was hilarious!! Hahahaha….

  43. Exzear TheNorseGamer

    Would be alot of fun to see you guys do Vätternrundan in sweden! not the toughest ride but would be cool to see you guys cover it and to hear what you guys thought of the ride! Cheers!

  44. Fidel Mercado

    Are you guys going to put those puffer jackets up for sale?

  45. PROcrastiDRIVE SV

    Cycling heaven. Its a bit like the Forza Horizon of cycling, wouldve loved to be there.

  46. Robb Chastain

    I really enjoyed this presentation, Dan and Matt, and dont get too discouraged about those hidden motors–those fellow enthusiasts were just pretending to ride like Peter Segan and all of us, like Peter, are pretending to be racing in the Tour de France.

  47. Cesare Mattiroli

    In italy probably you are asked to have a medical certification also to play golf

  48. David Mothersole

    The Velo Birmingham should be a recovery ride in comparison to this. Well done Lads!!

  49. Build with Bart

    Guys, you really are the best Cycling channel there is. Even my wife (who has never sat on a road bike) enjoys your content. Keep up the good work and dont stop producing top notch content.

  50. Paul Fitzpatrick

    would have thought tubeless would have been perfect for this event?

  51. Alta Badia

    Seems you guys have enjoyed a lot 😛 take care, thank you and come back soon!

  52. kunal mithrill comedy

    ive never seen so many hidden motors in one place. priceless !

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