Vegas bet365 kumarhane

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128 thoughts on “Vegas bet365 kumarhane

  1. Brayden Hean

    Imagine the 3x connected on the bandits win woulda been 150k

  2. GamePixel PW

    Guy 1 : With lemon! Lemon!
    Guy 2 : Dude theres no lemons this can be huge dont ruin it!
    Guy 1 : But i want one!
    Guy 2 : *Ill buy you damn lemons if we win big!*

  3. Jonte myran

    the meme clip ur adding, id say stop its kinda enoying. Not as many atleast

  4. Atakan Korkmaz

    Im just a random guy and dont know this content. So are these people making real money? Can somebody explain, please ?

  5. w8ingforfun

    This seems off and a bit lazy collection of wins, I swear Ive seen 6-8000x wins on razor shark in your old vids from 1/2 years ago?

    1. w8ingforfun

      @CasinoGrounds excuse me, comment ended up on the wrong video, meant it under the push gaming video, razor shark has given 10k+ wins in the past on vid

    2. CasinoGrounds

      Yes youre right, you mightve seen it on Community Biggest Wins but this video only features the streamer wins.

  6. 714

    Shoutout to the random people who lost their savings so that others can win big

    1. jokke p :P

      imagine coming to youtube video comments to cry about your own stupid life choices…. big L

  7. Jumbey

    yo stop with the fucking editing im just tryna watch dudes gamble jfc ADHD Andy

  8. Riko Suave

    This guy is making his own fake subtitles lol the last guy speaks Portuguese and so do I, and the subs is not what he was saying. But still funny though (subs)

  9. Luciano L

    I mean im not suprised of this people winning this much money because my father won 32k by playing this casino thing called betson so yeah🥇

  10. Itz Trybo

    Can someone explain to me one thing? If someone wins 100k, they can take the cash?

  11. Obama Mann

    The german guys were talkin something complete different then what the letters said

  12. Roy Goodhand

    16:46 That spin ALONE was 13420.5X.

    One spin, 13,420.5X. That may be a record multiplier win for a single spin, excluding games such as Money Train and its ilk.

    Thirteen thousand, four hundred twenty point five times the bet IN ONE SPIN.

  13. Guilherme Freire

    that portuguese translation at the end is so fucking incorrect lmfao

  14. Earl Lemongrab

    I didnt expect his level of editing from a random clip channel. Nice.

    1. CasinoGrounds

      @Tony Burrows
      Step 1: Understand the risks and consequences of gambling. Make sure that you always play responsibly:
      Step 2: Find a trustworthy casino that treats you fairly. Feel free to use our casino list to help find one that suits you. Weve handpicked these casinos and we constantly quality-control them:

    2. Pome

      Hát nem tudom hogy a megszerzett jövedelmét a legoptimalisabbana aznemnem az fejehéten az nem m ha az sználja fel a a

  15. angel13gabriel

    FISHING 4 SUCKRZ AND GAMBLER ADDICTS,…buuuut i must say its fun 2 watch.

  16. babacloanta

    to bad thats not real money and they are just sponsored by the site

  17. S.C-Special

    29.30…Murray Walker does slot presenting…!!!(Formula 1 is out the window)…

    1. CasinoGrounds

      They play on several different ones, but our top casino list includes pretty much all of them. If you want to play yourself I recommend you check it out. Note that the wins you see in this video is *extremely rare* and difficult to achieve, it might very well cost much more to get than the actual win is. Play responsibly and never deposit more than you can afford to lose.

      With that in mind, heres our list of hand-picked quality casinos:

  18. Trappin

    stop using Gods name in vain. Its a brutal sin, repent today! Also, make sure to accept Jesus in your life before its to late. Its the best choice/decision you will ever make in your life.

  19. jesuss disciple last time

    Jesus is coming soon!
    Psalms 50chapter
    15. and call upon me in the day of trouble: i will deliver thee,and thou shalt glorify me.

  20. jokke p :P

    hard to see that they are using real money cause their reaction to win that huge amount of money is like they dont even care

  21. neofitos mihail

    the people does not know all those wins are sponsored from the web casinos????

  22. Trappin

    Make sure not to use God’s name in vain because it is a brutal sin. Make sure to repent for your sins before it’s to late! Sj

  23. Travis S

    I just witnessed a guy win $27,269.68 on an $0.88 bet at the casino a few days ago. Insane!

    1. Travis S

      @CasinoGrounds I know right! Ive seen all the shout outs… hopefully I get myself a big win, worthy of shouting Casino Grounds!

    2. CasinoGrounds

      Thats insane, about 31000x!! Weve got similar, and much bigger wins featured in our community biggest wins 2020. Its basically people all over the world (non-streamers) submitting their big win videos which weve mashed together to big win compilations. Check it out if you like:

  24. E Baker

    Thanks for this, just won 10,000 on the Dead or Alive Slot because I watched this!!! woo

    1. CasinoGrounds

      Wow thats so lucky, congrats! Now make sure you do something fun with the money (and that it doesnt go right back in the machine)! 🥳

  25. Julius

    Nothing of the German Translation is right. Everything of that is Bullshit.

  26. Karim

    16700X is actually insane. Imagine, trainwreck winning that much with his 1000$ bets. Im guessing the max bet does not go up that much on those slots.

  27. sc pls

    20 cents bet for a streamer? How cheap is that guy? He wasted that big bonus lol…

  28. raataggi96 theplayerXD

    so many comments saying editing.. meaning all of this is FAKE. no wins. no nothing….

  29. SJ M

    To be honest, the random clips you insert ruin the reactions and come across as nothing more than annoying.

  30. Void

    17:55 wait… subtitles can be fake? my life feels like a lie now. those dont match up my dude

  31. Hadronic

    the sad thing is that even after these huge wins these guys keep playing anyways

  32. Rob Stewart

    The production of this is brilliant. So fun to watch. And funny as.

    1. Chase Kaniuk

      think thats big then watch Roshteins win, He hit 1 million Euro win which is 1.2 million usd

    1. CasinoGrounds

      Im not sure if I can agree with you on that, but there were some great slot wins for sure.

  33. CraverCuts

    The editing is a little too much tbh, but nice work regardless

    1. CraverCuts

      @CasinoGrounds thanks for not hating on constructive criticism lol. Earned a sub

  34. Hans van Kesteren

    Why do they keep shouting oh my god, when a god has nothing do with their winnings. Then also don t forget to shout the same when your house collapses or your wife starts cheating.

  35. Bao Bao

    This is just sad. I came across this video on accident, but watching fucking gambling addicts is just sad. They all need therapy.

  36. TheMixinsun

    2 Weeks,Thats it? 🙂 Respectfully bows head before the editor 🙂

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