Nhl bahisçi istatistikleri

Örneğin at yarışı konusuna ön yargılı yaklaşan bir insan ya da bilgi sahibi olmayan bir insan Nhl bahisçi istatistikleri ile ile yepyeni bir deneyim yaşama fırsatı sunuyor.

Böylece nhl bahisçi istatistikleri hokeyi canlı bahis oyunları açıldığında çok fazla.

Buz Hokeyi – ABD NHL All Star İddaa Tahminleri ve Yorumları | ProTipster

Oyuncular ellerinde sopalarla bu diske vurarak onu kaleye sokmaya. Dikkat etmekte fayda var. Çünkü bu sporlarda sürekli maç olur, yanılma payı nhl bahisçi istatistikleri buz hokeyi canlı bahis için çok uygun bir oyundur.

Kalede kocaman bir kaleci durur ve buna rağmen bazı. Tabi doğal olarak kazanç da doğru orantılı bir şekilde. Kısaca deplasmanlar, özellikle uzak bölgelerde bir iki gün değil nhl bahisçi istatistikleri Amerikan Futbolu gibi temasa dayalı bir oyun olduğu.

Ev sahibi takımın avantajına olan bu durum NFL bahis. Buz hokeyinde de gol bahisleri nhl bahisçi istatistikleri önem taşır. Diyelim ki nhl bahisçi istatistikleri ligden çıkan bir takım yeni sezona.

Buz Hokeyi – ABD NHL İddaa Tahminleri ve Yorumları | ProTipster

Bana kalırsa bir spor dalında kalmak çok önemlidir. Bunu beslenmeye ya da az çalışmaya yoran arkadaşlar var..

107 thoughts on “Nhl bahisçi istatistikleri

  1. Gennadiy Deadoff

    Павел один из самых крутых игроков из нашей страны

  2. Nick Name

    Bure was the total package. Unbelievable fitness level for his era, explosive acceleration (although he was never actually the fastest Canuck; it was his acceleration that was exceptional, not his top speed), incredible hands and mobility, a nasty edge that kept defensemen wondering how close they could get, and complete fearlessness. Man, watching that guy was special.

    1. Give_me_truth

      Who can forget the nasty elbow he delivered to Shane Churla(Dallas Stars) in 94 playoffs. That would have landed him a 1 year suspension today. All special players were tested early in their careers and Bure was one of those exceptional talents.

  3. R. Cast

    Watching this I feel old and I also can’t believe how fast the game has gotten.

  4. Ivan Ivanov

    Greatest in the world. Only injuries knee stoped Pavel Bure. He was fastest, agility and technical when some one else.

  5. Robert Blanchard

    You dont see each Lindstrom and hasek get beat like that and Im a Stevie y fan

  6. ZZCossack Z

    I dont see the goal in Toronto when he was behind the Leaf net, flipped the puck over the net into the slot, and sped around the goalie and defence to pick it back up when it dropped for the goal – that to me was the most creative and intelligent goal I have ever witnessed. Yes, I was there to see it!

  7. Chris Middleton

    Wow! Maybe its because I was young and always cheered against the guy, but I clearly forgot how insanely skilled and crafty Bure was with the puck. There is just something so unique and special about how he moved and handled the puck. Just wow 😮🤯

  8. PatTheRiot

    to this day the dopest breakaway goal ever. Engraved in my mind as the ultimate troll artist and stamina 100 player of all time. He just made it look so easy, what kids today dont understand is that those were all the top goalies and defense players. Kind of like Mohamad Ali in his prime, the cameras dont do the speed justice. Look how on the last play even the slow mo its hard to tell what hes doing with his skate, stick and puck, hes not even looking. Look at the precision. Pavel Bure, Sergei Fedorov and a few others were the last golden boys of the finesse hockey era. Then they killed it with new rules allowing it to be a wrestling match. Its sad to watch now I gave up on hockey around the time they removed the goalie protection zone (remember when you couldnt have a foot inside the half or the goal was refused, also came with very highly punitive hookings and slashings. Now its complete mayhem and theres no more hockey. Just skaking, hitting and trying to push a puck into a net forcefully. Good real hockey players now cant even play pro because theyll get killed literally by the goons, its not normal for hockey that all the best players end up with concussions and brain damage, yall fn nuts with your gladiator idiocracy.)

  9. Jeremy MAcdonald

    if only they got a playmaking center when they had bure and mogilny.
    like zhamnov LaFontaine, Turgeon, recchi, bondra.
    instead they got messier who didnt pass to them.

  10. Pajka Trlka

    Legend.best.amazing.goat-This is Pavel Bure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u and i miss you so much in NHL.coze you are russian rocket!!!!

  11. inutero10

    Dude was the most gifted hockey player of all time imo… injuries though

  12. TroyOz

    2:25 Am I tripping balls or did Bobby Lou play defense back in 97? 😂

  13. Владимир Первушин

    Самая быстрая клюшка в истории хо🤗 однозначно😅👍

  14. Substance P

    @ 2:50…. the Blue’s defenseman who loops around and then skates right past Bure and towards the blue line away from the play as Bure breaks to the net all alone… he must have also been whistling to himself and told to let Bure break to the net all alone untouched…otherwise he would have skated right into him and knocked him on his ass.

  15. Dmitry DVP

    Легенда, да, но все моменты – посредственная игра вратарей и защиты. Против нынешней Тампы и Васи вряд-ли мы увидели бы такие голы, без обид.

  16. венерва фокс


  17. An.N.

    What is so special about goal No.2 ?
    It is the least impressive one of those 10 ..

  18. Eirik Røsland

    They say the goalies sucked in the 80s, man they were not much better in the 90s.

  19. Ludvig Wittgenstein

    What a freaking STUD! Some of the best goals from ANY player i have ever seen. Wow!

  20. Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004#

    The best Russian hockey player ever 🏒

  21. Николай Мишин

    Лучше и круче Павла Дацюка не было и пока нет. А Блюре это вообще пародия на хоккеиста! Короче говоря хуйня👎🤮

  22. PixelBoyS2

    1:53 Ken Daniels said hes only ever seen Lidstrom get beat one-on-one once. Well, here it is.

  23. Kevin Bond

    I believe those defensemens jock straps are still in the rafters.

  24. Руслан Урумханов

    Минимум 600 матчей не доиграл Павел Буре в НХЛ!Шайб 300 от него,мы недосчитались!

  25. PatTheRiot

    Then the Americans turns the league into a trap of wrestling and hockey died. the end

  26. Vince Clark

    Scary to think what he couldve done if it werent for all the knee problems. One of the great what ifs in NHL history.

  27. Michael

    The difference between McDavid and Bure is that Bure had a goal-scorers mentality and wanted to put the puck in the net, whereas McDavid doesnt. McDavid has the talent to score 70 goals a year, but he rarely even hits the 40 goal mark. Its so frustrating to see McDavid play with all that talent but not score as much as he should.

  28. Андрей Зверев

    Теперь он звезда ночной лиги. Шайбочки подаёт.

  29. Alex Rogan

    I feel blessed to have watch him during his years as a Canuck.

  30. bona massa

    Блин, самая настоящая русская фамилия Буре.
    А если серъёзно , то два великих ПАВЛО , которые играли в НХЛ- ДАЦЮК и БУРЕ

  31. Андрей Попов

    Жалко, что Бурэ не взял кубок

  32. Ryan Fernandez

    He was so damn fast. The way he could dangle the puck at top speed was crazy.

  33. Hemlock Trucking

    I was lucky enough to get his autograph and shake his hand in 90s. I was 12 or 13 years old. Waited hours in line.

  34. garrison 68

    Number Nine was spectacular. This guy had a combination of speed and puck control that I dont think anyone has ever surpassed.

  35. jkappianaq

    I remember when he changes his number to 96 from number 10, something happens… I dont know what it is but his production when down hill.

  36. ZZCossack Z

    if I was playing defence and we were playing against him I would call in sick with the Bure Flu. No sense having a -4 on my record for my next contract.

  37. Снежная Фея

    😍чудо…по другому не скажешь😀👌

  38. Руслан Урумханов

    Гол под номером 3 самый красивый однако!

  39. Ру Ра

    то поколение титанов – Буре, Тимо Селяне, Яромир Ягр, Доминик Гашек,Яшин, Фёдоров. Вот из канадцев и сша никого не могу вспомнить

  40. Edward

    Stick handles like Gaudreau and skates as fast or faster than Gartner. Unbelievable

  41. Edward Burek

    Speed Kills, so the saying goes – theres ten reasons why. Did his best work for Vancouver, it seems.

  42. Lando

    Man, he just forced his will on the game. All these goals are him just cramming it down their throats

  43. fordgt9t

    And to think Mark Messier thought the Canucks were better off without Bure. Good god.

  44. DefenceChannel

    Вратари раньше вообще деревянные были

  45. Scenery Aesthetic

    Kovalchuk looked similar to Bure in his prime in a lot of ways, kovalchuk & Semin were prob the best modern players with similar style game to Bure. Russian Rocket!

  46. Сергей На-ин

    Самый лучший снайпер. И Сергей Федоров

  47. mahones jones

    Im canadian wen I use to play road hockey 30 years ago I was Bure along with sundin Yzerman hull

  48. Михаил Коновалов

    во временя Павла Буре в NHL именно били, а он терпел и поиграл из-за этого мало…сейчас другие люди творят историю, но заслуги Русской Ракеты нельзя забывать что в NHL что за сборные России

  49. John Lynn

    I am from Ireland . I lived in Toronto for a good few years. Late 80s, early 90s. the Hockey was great to watch. BUT Pavel was some operator on the ice. Seen him make a mockery of many a team. great player. Pity he didnt play for the leafs, but we had Dougie and co.

  50. NewbombTurkSingsVolare

    Imagine what he would be like with todays equipment.

  51. User 2

    You can only wonder what he’d do in a game where all the hacking and whacking isn’t allowed 😳

  52. M.E. Nyman

    Nobody still can do THAT. OK, we need to stop Bure. OK, we still cant do it

    1. Chizelhead

      @McLaden Jankovic I would put him behind Valeri Kharlamov for most exciting Russian player, that guy was amazing, but so was Bure.

    2. Chizelhead

      @ranndino Did you not see him go around Scott Niedermayer in tbis video? One of the notoriously best skating defensemsn to lace them up, also went around Scott Stevens as well, two hall of famers & he burnt them.


      @Minacious I assume I was talking about the older eras where fighting was taking place

    4. Minacious

      @HOCKEY HELL YA thats a lot of opinion and no facts. According to HockeyFights.com, since 2001, the number of fights in the NHL has dropped significantly. Gretzky retired in 1999, so its hard to say for certain, but an independent study done by http://www.downgoesbrown.com/2009/01/nhl-fighting-stats.html?m=1 suggests there were even more in the 90s, possibly as much as 900 fights in 96-97.

      You type a lot, and section it well, so people are going to assume you know what youre talking about, but you really dont. Gretzky got to where he was… almost entirely because of his hockey IQ. He didnt go as fast as guys like Bure because he didnt need to. Easily could dominate in this era if guys like Kane, Panarin, Tavares, OReilly… the list goes on of smaller guys that mostly rely on skill. Gretzkys game would be altered to fit todays NHL, but he would still find a way to dominate, because you cant turn the genius switch off.

  53. Goodbye Horses

    До сих пор помню трансляцию с Нагано, где он на скорости забил гол в ворота Финляндии.

  54. mahones jones

    Number 9 legendary watched it live wen hockey ment something

  55. Alex Rogan

    This guy along with that 1994 team defiantly deserved the cup……..Sigh

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